LIN 655.02 – Doing Subregular Linguistics (FS23, SBU)
Introduction to subregular linguistics, with an emphasis on formulating analyses of patterns in syntax and phonology.

LIN 539 – Mathematical Methods in Linguistics (SBU)
Although I haven’t been directly involved in teaching this course, I’ve worked behind the scenes on developing the materials, particularly the automatically generated practice exercises.

CSE 232 – Intro to Programming II (SS13, MSU)
Supplmental materials for a second semester programming class. Beginning programmers might find the C++ examples and Linux guides useful.


LaTeX Tree Drawing Tutorial
A tutorial for drawing trees using software. Starts with manipulation of simple bracketed trees using a text editor and converting them to images with a web-based tree drawing program. The second part introduces the Forest package for drawing fancy trees with LaTeX.

qUALMS Conlanging Workshop (FS13)
An attempt at making a system for designing a conlang in a single sitting. We determined that 90 minutes wasn’t long enough.


SYCCL 2023
Some insider info on our local computational linguistics summer camp.

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