LIN 655.02 (Fall 2023): Doing Subregular Linguistics

Time Fri 10:00–12:50
Place SBS N250 (Compling Lab)
Instructors Kenneth Hanson and Thomas Graf
Office Hours Kenneth: SBS N-210, Tu/Th 1:00–2:30pm
  Thomas: SBS N-249, Tu/Th 11:30–12:30, W 10–11am

Course Description

This course will introduce subregular formal languages and their application to linguistics. Though the use of formal language theory in linguistics was out of fashion for some time, recent research has discovered that the overwhelming majority of linguistic patterns fall into a small number of subregular classes. These findings bring new insights into linguistic structure as well as opportunities for connections to language typology and cognition. This course aims to enable you to understand the mathematics behind subregular linguistic analyses as well as to produce your own. We will focus our attention on syntax to a large extent, but will also spend a fair bit of time on phonotactics and other topics along the way.

For details, see the syllabus.


Readings and other materials will be distributed using Google Drive. Access the folder using your SBU email.

I’m also working on a bibliography for subregular linguistics, which is much more comprehensive than the above syllabus.

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