1. Why do I have to learn C++ anyway?
    Plenty of reasons.
    1. It's a high-level language, but close enough to the hardware that we can use it to study how data structures are stored in memory.
    2. Tons of people use it, and its predecessor, C, too. Both are in general use in a range of areas, so you can't go wrong by learning one (or both).
    3. It's easy to move from C++ to C, or to a higher level language like Java or C#.
    4. Because you can't use Python for everything. It's an amazing language, but it's slow and just not designed for operating systems, device drivers, and other high performance areas.
  2. Why isn't Handin working?
    1. In most cases, because you typed the command wrong. Check each part again.
  3. Help! I just got dozens of errors when compiling!
    1. Scroll up to the top of the list, and tackle the first one. Often, the first error is the cause of all the others.

Last updated 1/6/13